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It's here! The new iPad has been released by Apple and there is no other Tablet like it out there. The size and touch of Apple's new iPad may look familiar but the company promises an experience like never before. Apple CEO Tim Cook said during his keynote that "everyone is wondering who will come out with a product that is more amazing than the iPad 2, we are!" Tim then unveiled what he expects to become the hottest product for the world's most valuable company.

Many were expecting this iPad to be named the "iPad 3" but Apple has named it "The New iPad". The specs on the new iPad are a new retna display similar to what we've seen on the iPhone 4S, it will have 2048 x 1536 lines of resolution with 3.1 million pixels, a quad core processor giving it four times the performance that the iPad 2 had, 4G networking, a 5 megapixel camera, and will shoot 1080p video. The new iPad will have a voice detect feature but not with SIRI.

The new iPad has been called part of the post PC revolution, an explosion of Tablet popularity and a step back from the personal computer. For Apple the iPad is a game changer for their $500 billion dollar business with 55 million iPads sold since the first rolled out in 2010. In the 4th quarter of 2011 iPad sales alone topped $9 billion dollars, the iPad has been outselling Mac's traditional PCs by $3 billion dollars.

"Apple has it's feet firmly planted in the post PC future" said Tim Cook and he absolutely right. Part of today's culture is Tablets showing up everywhere, from the cockpit to the classroom, even your doctors office. Though the new iPad isn't cheap, $499 to $829, when it's released March 16 it will be in big demand.

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