Amazon Kindle Fire vs. Apple iPad 2

amazon kindle fire review
For the first time ever owning a Tablet Computer may now be in the reach of a lot of people. Amazon is getting huge buzz over it's new $199 Tablet, the Kindle Fire. So the big question is can the Kindle Fire kill the iPad? This week Amazon's CEO Jeff Bazos unveiled the Kindle Fire in a very Steve Jobs fashion minus the black mock turtleneck. Amazon's Tablet has hints of Apple and some key differences as well.

The Kindle Fire's $199 price tag is the biggest difference and quite a deal for consumers. It is at least $300 cheaper than and as much as $620 less than the iPad 2 depending on the model. The Kindle Tablet is also lighter than the iPad weighing in at 14.6 oz. versus the 1.3 lbs. iPad 2. But it has less storage space with only 8GB of storage and it does not have a camera. The Kindle Fire also does not have 3G only Wifi, and lasts only 8 hours, 2 hours less than the Apple iPad 2.

The Kindle Fire is also smaller than the iPad and fits in the average size hand but the iPad is thinner. So can the Kindle Fire kill the iPad 2? Well it depends on who your are, if you're gifting, an impulsive buyer, price sensitive, don't need a camera or 3G and don't mind the low battery life then Yes it is. However, the iPad is ultimate mobility with more resources, apps, and of course the coolness factor of the Apple brand which many people attain for then No it is not an iPad killer.

Should you buy the Kindle Fire? we can't know for sure until a full hands on review and side by side test and is done with the iPad 2 and the Kindle Fire which is set to ship in November 2011.


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