United Airlines Flies With The Apple iPad

airline pilots use apple ipad in cockpit
The Apple iPad is taking off to new heights literally, United Airlines is now deploying over 11,000 new iPads to all of it's pilots. In an effort to go paperless and to better operations and communications the iPad will help by replacing thousands of pages worth of paper manuals and navigation charts. Pilots will have a simplified departure briefing and will be able to transmit flight data much faster.

The typical flight bag a pilot carries usually has log books, charts, manuals, and all this can weigh up to 40 pounds and the iPad weighs just a pound and a half. So pilots don't have to lug all the items they previously had to. There is also so much more that can be done with the iPad with the digital apps being used, much more information can be shared and distributed to pilots. The Apple iPad is pioneering the paperless movement in cockpits all across the country. United will continue to use charts and paperwork as they introduce the iPad to their pilots but will go completely paperless in the near future.


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