Laptops Are being Killed By Tablets

tablet sales beat laptop sales
Laptops sales are down and there are a few reasons for this but mainly because people are buying Tablets now instead of Laptops. Prices for laptops have dropped significantly and are much lower than they were 5 years ago or even last year. Laptop prices have reached near the $300 mark and certainly the economy gets some of the blame as slow sales are forcing discounts. So you get alot more bang for your buck when buying a laptop on the low price end.

But the key reason for the drop in laptop sales is competition, not between laptops and computers, but from Tablets. Consumers are spending their money on Tablet PCs which is delaying their laptop purchases, they are getting their Tablets and putting off buying a Laptop for a later time. And the one Tablet that is causing all this commotion is the Apple iPad. The iPad is dominating Tablet and Laptop sales, it is the Tablet PC that everyone wants. Even HP was forced to drop it's Touchpad Tablet price down to $99 as it was fighting a losing battle against the iPad. Lower prices mean less profit in the pocket of computer makers but it's a steal for consumers.


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