Sony's New S1 And S2 Tablets

sony s1 and s2 tablet review
is diving into the Tablet wars with two new devices, the S1 and the S2. The two tablets will hit the market in the fall of 2011. The S1 is about the same size as an Apple iPad but has a unique wrap around design to help give it balance when being held in the user's hand. It's off center gravity point allows you to hold it with one hand from the back and use your other hand to navigate on the tablet. This tablet will be WiFi enabled .

The S2 is more of a pocket device, it is much smaller than the S1 and is 3G and 4G compatible. The S2 opens up to two 5.5 inch screens and closes so it can fit in your coat pocket. When you open it up you can get a full view of whatever application you are currently running. The S2 has voice over IP so it can be used a phone over the Internet. Both tablets will run on Android operating systems.


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