HP Launches TouchPad Tablet

hp touchpad review
HP has rolled out it's new Tablet PC called the TouchPad but is it late to the game? With all the attention paid to Tablet computers HP faces a huge challenge, the silicon valley giant is famous as a leader in the tech industry but when it comes to Tablets it's behind. Now trying to make some ground by launching a Tablet that it claims has the best UI or user interface it adopted when HP bought silicon valley's Palm Computing.

But HP faces an uphill battle as consumers are already familiar with the Apple iPad and Android Tablets while HP is known for what's on our desks with desktop computing. PC and Laptop sales are slowly diminishing while Tablet and Mobile sales are going through the roof and if HP doesn't get into the game in a big way they will lose big time. The TouchPad is thin, light, has a camera and a bunch of apps, similar to other Tablets with a different feel thanks to Palm technology.


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