Apple iPad Increases Productivity And Learning

ipad 2 being used in hospitals and schoolsThe Apple iPad is an amazing piece of technology and it's impact on society continues to grow and affect almost every aspect of our lives. The tablet goes beyond just an entertainment and a leisure product. Because of it's advanced features, ease of use, and portability the iPad can be used by almost anyone in any circumstance. Most recently it has been reported of the iPad's success among Doctors, Seniors, and Kindergartners.

The iPad has replaced charts in many hospitals as Doctors can now digitally store information on patients. Doctors are also using the iPad to display and explain to patients their symptoms and surgical procedures. The iPads can also sync live with databases that are usually only accessible by a desktop computer, so doctors can be mobile and access patient information very easily.

At an elementary school in Auburn Maine the iPad 2 was given to every kindergartner for leaning purposes. The result of the kids using the iPad 2 was an increase in learning their ABC's which they were struggling to do previously through out the year. The school's literacy specialist began seeing incredible progress when the youngsters began using the iPads. Since then the School Committee approved buying iPad's for every student throughout the school's district.

The iPad was also introduced to Senior Citizens at a Senior Home Center and the results were the seniors were more active, in better mood, and able to do things they never got to do. One of the Seniors always wanted to learn to play the piano, but due to old age she couldn't, but with Garageband she was able to to get some experience playing the piano with little effort.


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