Tablet PC Market Explosion

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Someone has let the flood gates open in the Tablet PC market, with 14 million iPads out there and almost every mobile and computer manufacturer now launching their own Tablet PC device. With so many different choices in Tablet devices it can be hard to decide which one to buy. Everyone once a piece of the action but I don't believe any other Tablet will match the success of the Apple iPad, but many will give a quality and reasonable alternative to the iPad.

One Tablet that is capable of giving the iPad a run for it's money is the Motorola Xoom, which will have a dual core processor which makes it a lot faster than the iPad, it will also have front and back cameras and HDMI output to TV which the iPad lacks. The Xoom should be out in early spring but their is no set price for it yet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is also looking to take some if the iPad's business. HP is also joining the Tablet Market with a 9 inch Touchpad Tablet and the Blackberry Playbook looks to captivate consumers also.

One major factor that will play out in the Tablet Wars is pricing, what is the right price for a Tablet? sure Apple has it's 3 tier pricing model which states at $499, but if a competitor comes out with a lower priced yet efficient tablet, apple might loose some market share. But as always, competition is good for innovation and the consumer, allowing for better products and better prices.


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