LG Optimus Pad vs Apple iPad - Crush Apple

Above is a video of the LG Optimus Pad commercial, before you read this, please look at the video first...

free lg optimus padLG takes hard hits at the Apple iPad in this commercial with a scene showing the apple logo being crushed during a fight and at the end where Optimus Prime crushes a real Apple in his hand. The commercial takes characters from the movie Transformers, Optimus Prime and Megatron, and has them fighting in a Good versus Evil scenario, or the LG Optimus Pad versus the Apple iPad. Of course in the Transformers movie Optimus Prime defeats Megatron giving a win for the Good side. LG tries to make the Apple iPad as Evil and it will be defeated by the Optimus Pad.

This commercial seems kind of childish, it does not say anything about the LG Optimus Pad. The fact that LG even copied part of the iPad's name makes me think it's just a cheap rip off, all of the iPad's other competitors have their own unique names. Clearly LG is trying to capitalize on the hype of the upcoming new Transformers movie, they will have to do a lot better as the market is now flooded with Tablets. LG should have done something more creative to show why the Optimus Pad is better or will challenge the Apple iPad.


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